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LD GmbH is the new partner and distributor of ACE Controls

Since 2017, LD GmbH offers the entire range of shock absorbers (with a stroke from 4 mm up to 3000 mm), gas springs, hydraulic dampers and feed controls, vibration isolators and clamping elements, produced by ACE Controls. In January this year, sales representatives of LD GmbH have passed successfully through a serious technical training  for ACE products. The training was conducted by Mr. Juri Divivi, Sales Manager and Mrs. Sonja Löwe, Manager International Trainings at the German company. Except technical specifications of products from the four ACE product segments, examples of applications in different industries have been extensively studied.

For questions and if you need of additional information, you can rely on technical assistance for each of the product groups:

-              Automation Control–  Damping elements that absorb up to 100% energy when slowing down moving masses, provide optimal tuning for each design, as a result there is long service life of the machines and increasing of productivity. 

* miniature shock absorbers, industrial shock absorbers, heavy industrial shock absorbers, profile dampers, damping pads, pallet stoppers. Watch the video "ACETips – Correct mounting of a gas spring" >>

-              Motion Control –  Elements, which are Ideal support for muscle strength, by making the heavy flaps easier to operate and providing speed control.

* industrial gas springs – Push Type, industrial gas springs – Pull Type, hydraulic dampers, door dampers, hydraulic feed controls, rotary dampers.

-              Vibration Control – Insulate unwanted vibrations

*  vibration-isolating pads, rubber-metal isolators,  low frequence pneumatic levelling mounts.

-              Safety Products – Protects constructions in emergency  cases

* safety shock absorbers, safety dampers, clamping elements.

LD GmbH has products on stock. The delivery time is within 24 hours, in case the product is on stock  in Sofia and up to a week from Germany.

For more information and inquiries about products of ACE, do not hesitate to fill in the form CONSULT LD here >>


January 2020
31.1.2020 LD GmbH, Mattei Maxima Open Day and compressed air installations Mattei in Bulgaria on pages of VANE Mattei Magazine
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